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Freelanthropy, LLC is an online services provider that helps nonprofit organizations brand, communicate and raise money.

What We Do
Freelanthropy offers charities, advocacy organizations and socially conscious corporations customized browser toolbars that enable them to improve their visibility and interaction with constituents while generating new donation revenue.

The Freelanthropy Search Portal also allows users to raise money for worthy causes simply by searching the web. Freelanthropy Search offers users a choice of more than 1.3 million registered non-profit organizations in our database to choose from.

The Freelanthropy Charitable Toolbar and Search Portal are both powered byImageso non-profits can rest assured that they'll be providing their supporters wtih both a top quality search experience and a powerful fundraising tool.

Freelanthropy fills a gap in an otherwise cluttered market, as the socially responsible toolbar—the very first such utility built expressly for charitable organizations and other nonprofits. The company seeks to create a philanthropic legacy as a turnkey search tool for nonprofits of all kinds.

Ubiquity can be crucial for nonprofit organizations. As Internet-browser toolbars have become fixtures online, Freelanthropy is leveraging that for the purposes of deserving non-profit organizations. As a branding and communications vehicle for nonprofits, the Freelanthropy Toolbar is a subtle but constant reminder to stay involved which can take on even greater value during concentrated fundraising periods. Freelanthropy makes giving easier for every consumer and every cause, showing the way to combining charity and enlightened consumerism in the Internet age. Over time, Freelanthropy will serve as a formidable resource for non-profit organizations, with additional tools that will enable non-profits to make the most of the Web.

How It Works
For consumers, the Freelanthropy Toolbar offers fast and easy Web navigation. The toolbar offers a variety of options and shortcuts to enhance the online experience. Features include direct Shop & Give links to the web's premier auction, travel, shopping and financial sites as well as a news ticker that keeps users apprised of goings-on at their favorite nonprofit.

"While there have been entire businesses built around the Shop & Give concept, the problem was always that you had to go to their site first, " said Dan Sheehy, Freelanthropy's Founder and President. "The Freelanthropy toolbar solves that problem because it is 'always there.' From a fundraising perspective, we expect that nonprofit organizations will regard this as an extremely compelling feature." All revenue generated is split 50/50 between Freelanthropy and the participating nonprofit.

Options enable users to highlight a term on any web page, zoom pages that have small print or zoom out large print ones. The toolbar also includes a powerful pop-up blocker.

The Freelanthropy Search Portal acts as a simple, but unique pathway to a user's online search experience. By going through the Freelanthropy Search Portal users are able to quickly designate any one of more than 1.3 million registered non-profit organizations to support. A simple thing that everyone can do every day that together generates meaningful financial support for their cause.

True to its name, Freelanthropy is available to nonprofit organizations and consumers at no charge.

It's also cool - it is far cooler to support a worthy cause than not to.

Company History
Freelanthropy was originally formed in 2004 by Dan Sheehy while at his former company. Mr. Sheehy purchased Freelanthropy when he left in 2005 and in January 2006 formed Freelanthropy, LLC. The company swiftly entered into a new multi-year partnership with Yahoo, acquired and built new toolbar, search and reporting systems and relaunched the business under its new management in April of 2006.

Dan Sheehy, President and Founder. Contact Dan

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