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Wounded Warrior Project Announces New MyAccount Feature Charity Web Search Service
Announces New MyAccount Feature charitable online web search and shopping service, powered by Yahoo! Search, is offering its new MyAccount feature. The new feature is for supporters using Freelanthropy's charitable search service and enables individuals to see how much their own activity is generating for their designated charity. As with all of the products and services that Freelanthropy provides to its partner nonprofit organizations and their supporters, the new MyAccount feature is free.

Los Angeles, CA June 24, 2009 -- Freelanthropy, LLC., ( a free web-search program that allows people to support nonprofit causes just by searching the Internet, today announced the release of its new MyAccount feature enabling supporters to see exactly how much money their individual web searches and online shopping generate for their favorite charity.

"We've always provided simple, free ways for people to support and stay connected to the causes that they care about," said Freelanthropy Founder and President Dan Sheehy. "The new MyAccount feature helps strengthen that connection by allowing them to see exactly how much their own Web searches and online shopping are earning for their designated charity. The new MyAccount is a bit like having your personal fundraising thermometer connected to the free charitable web search service."

Sheehy added, "In these tougher economic times charities are struggling to meet demand and donors are having a harder time giving. Freelanthropy's free search tools offer a simple way for people to continue to provide financial support to their charities even if they're not able to write a check directly. The new MyAccount feature allows them to feel even better about using the simple web search service as they see their personal contributions grow each day. Not having to sell cookie dough or collect money from friends and colleagues is also a big plus."

In addition to empowering supporters to generate revenue for their charity just by searching or shopping online, Freelanthropy also helps them to stay connected to their chosen charity through the free "Community Toolbar" that Freelanthropy provides to each of its nonprofit partners.

Each charity's free Community Toolbar includes:

  • Charity's logo - keeps the cause top-of-mind with supporters every time they open their web browser
  • Yahoo Search - leading web search generates money for the charity
  • Links to Charity's website - supporters are just a click away from the info they need
  • News & Alerts - charities can "broadcast" important news, inspirational messages or reminders directly to their supporters
  • Shop & Give - access hundreds of online merchants and earn money for charity

Supporters add the charity toolbar to their Internet Explorer or Firefox browser. It keeps them connected to their cause while making it simple to generate financial support for the charity every time they go online.


About Freelanthropy:

Freelanthropy, LLC. is an online services provider of innovative fundraising, communications and branding solutions for a wide variety of non-profit organizations including schools, churches, shelters, clubs, trade organizations and more. Nonprofit organizations interested in applying for Freelanthropy's free services and supporters interested in registering for their free MyAccount can visit For more info contact Freelanthropy at 626-771-3556.