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Tools to Support CUMAC

Add your Charity Toolbar to your Web browser

For IE & Firefox Customized Browser Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. The toolbar is customized with your nonprofit organizations logo, links to your website and includes a custom messaging tool to deliver news and alerts to your supporters.

community Toolbar

Activate Browser Search in IE or Firefox

Don't like to install software from the internet? Try our browser search box add-in. Now you can support your charity and have instant access to Yahoo web search right in your browser's built-in search box and without installing any third party software.

Browse Search

Get the Google Toolbar Plugin

Love your Google toolbar? Add your favorite charity button so you can use your Google Toolbar to help your favorite charity everytime you do a web search.

Google Toolbar

Set Homepage

Set your browser homepage so you will always have instant access to your convenient charity support search page.

Social Networking

Use these social networking buttons to tell all your friends to support this great cause!

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Bookmark and Share

Email your Friends

Now that you know how easy it is to support your cause just by searching the web, take a moment to share this with your friends.

Set Bookmark/Favorite

Bookmark your Charity's search page to find it quickly every time you need to search the Web.

My Account

Take a second to set up your Free MyAccount now and see how quickly your daily activity is helping!